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Horse Sense riding school testimonials
Horses change lives. Anyone that has ridden a horse can feel their power and strength. For many people horse back riding is a form of therapy.
It teaches communication, patience, resilience and bravery.
This page is dedicated to the testimonials of our clients.
Since April, Kat and the Horse Sense Riding School have been providing lessons for Big Brothers Big Sisters Columbia Northwest Little's. One mentor wrote: " I found this place very professional and super informative!! And although Q was nervous, she enjoyed it too. Kat was super personable and a great positive motivator for Q. We definitely would go back! Thanks for the experience."
-Audrey Stavrum Riggs, Regional County Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters ColumbiaNorthwest

After decades away from riding I returned to it today with an individual lesson from Kat at Horse Sense. I could not have been happier with Kat's skill as a trainer or my experience there. Kat was thorough and caring and I have no doubt that she is able to meet each student where they are at with a positive and patient but knowledgeable and experienced approach. I felt totally comfortable there, which is saying a lot as an older learner. I signed up for weekly lessons and will be bringing my son in to get him started as well. Highly recommend.”
-Alyssa S., Adult Student

“Horse Sense Riding School has given my 10 yr old daughter so much. She suffers from a chronic pain syndrome and has several neurological sensitivities. I have seen more growth in her gross and fine motor skills in 6 months of riding than I did in 2 years of Occupational Therapy. I also notice that the horses seem to sense when she is having a bad pain day and snuggle and give her more love and attention (not just the other way around). We had no prior expense with horses. I scheduled my youngest daughter for a few riding lessons as a reward for good school work. Since then, it has become a family interest. My girls (ages 10 and 16) have helped out cleaning tack, sweeping stalls and the arena walkways, and pull weeds dangerous to the horses that grow in the pastures. As a family we care for and try to help where we can with the needs of the horses. It has strengthened our family bond and taught my girls skills such as leadership, good work ethics, and compassion. Thank you Horse Sense for making our family part of yours.”
-Megan Hunt, Parent & Adult Student.

I had so much fun today, learned so much and enjoy you off-the-charts as an instructor. You're kind, patient, a good communicator, explain objectives clearly, are super fun, and have a joy about you that is just wonderful to be within. Mike - who has years and years of training experience and is respected in this arena interanationally, said your training was precisely on point. Anywho, I just wanted to tell you what a gift I feel it is that we connected.

Kat, thank you & Alishia so much for coordinating this out with me. We both had an awesome time. And though the drive was ridiculously long, it was well worth it. It was more than I imagined thanks to Alishia. She was a definite blessing to us tonight. Thank her again for us. She was an amazing instructor. This won't be the last time you hear from me. We're definitely going to plan another trip soon. :) you have a blessed weekend up ahead.
-Dora M.

Love the spirit, compassion, and intelligence of all the instructors. Highly recommend people of all ages to come meet the wonderful horses and staff!”
-Kari Rolfe Sapp, Parent & Adult Student

"We had a great experience and would highly recommend the Horse Sense Riding School. Kat Barrett is fantastic; she has a great manner with her students, gives expert instruction, and cares about her students and horses."
-Suzanne Findlay, Parent

"The instructor (Kat) is fantastic and the horses are so sweet and so patient. I highly recommend them. I will continue to go back!!"
-Synthia Smith

“Horse Sense Riding School is a great place for lessons. The horse, Bear is gentle enough for beginners but also has enough spunk for those with some more advanced skills. The trainer, Kat is great and very knowledgeable. She has a good balance of making her students feel comfortable yet challenging them at the same time. Highly recommend this riding school!:
-Summer D., Adult Student

“Great with children and very affordable. The drive is pretty long but worth it!!”
-Judy Chan, Parent and Adult Student

“My daughter started riding here with a birthday present coupon and cannot wait for her next and next and next lesson. It's a 50 minute drive for us, including hauling my toddler - yet the horsemanship, support, care and kindness of the trainers are wonderful and well worth it! There is something very special about Horse Sense and we look forward to continuing our lessons. I appreciate that they know how to work with people with many level of abilities and disabilities. Both instructors were observant, respectful and worked well with my daughter. I appreciate all of the things that my daughter gets to do and extremely hands on. This is a really special place and we feel blessed to be a part of it for nurturing our souls :)”
-Paula M., Parent

“I have had only a couple of lessons before coming here so I was still very green. Kat had so much patience with me. She has a very personal and professional teaching style. She takes great care to make sure you'll learn and improve every time. She is always positive and kind. I wouldn't bother going anywhere else.”
-Doug Anderson, Parent & Adult Student.

“This was a birthday present for our 9 year old granddaughter and she had a fabulous experience. She started with brushing the horse, cleaning his hooves, learned how to put on the saddle, rode around the ring (by herself!) and finished with giving him treats. he trainer was great with a beginning student....very patient! Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon.”
-Bill O., Grandparent

“By the way, you got an A+ as a teacher in mine and Brooklyn's book! It's wonderful to find someone who knows there stuff AND is good at instructing! Thank you again! We are already looking forward to the next lesson! :)”
-Chelsea S., Aunt and Adult Student

Very friendly and was great with my daughter who is very shy!
-Wendy Wilson

We have been looking for a place like this where our mentally challenged daughter can ride again. Most places are so expensive we can not afford to pay for her to ride. But then we happened upon Horse Sense Riding School and have been so excited to see our daughter up on a horse learning. So THANK YOU Horse Sense for offering riding for people with disabilities!
-Shannon Schlabach, Parent


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