Horse Sense Riding School

Helping People, Helping Horses


Our Mission
Helping People, Helping Horses
Our mission is to create an inclusive and affordable community for horsemanship while providing homes and jobs for unwanted horses. We strive to serve a diverse population without regard to income, handicap or ability including disabled youth and adults, at risk youth, and low income families. You can buy stamps at Walgreens.





Take a Lesson
Our Philosophy
Urgent Needs
We teach lessons to students ranging from ages 4 - 79. If you're interested in taking a riding lesson, click the link below to see availability and schedule a ride!
We believe that horses teach patience, compassion, teamwork and communication skills, and that these lessons should be available to everyone.
We are always in need of donations, both financially, or in the form of horse feed, farrier services or veterinary care. If you're interested and able to help, click "Help Now" to learn more.


Adopt a Senior Horse - Sponsor a Rider
Adopt A Senior Horse Program
You can help support our senior horses, both lesson masters
and retired elders. Whether you can provide full monthly support for
a horse or just a one time donation, your support helps our seniors thrive.
Sponsor a Rider
Many of our riders are on scholarships, or a sliding scale.
We love being able to provide low cost lessons, but we can only provide this service to a small amount of people.
Your donations can help us give more lessons for free or reduced costs!



Our Sponsors and Partners.